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Are you ready to have the best season yet?

Are you ready to have your best season yet?!

A key trait coaches look for in players is coachability. Are you an athlete who loves to learn and improve? Do you come to practice with 100% focus and enthusiastically seek to develop your skills?

Players who are arrogant and think they know-it-all are difficult to coach and make it hard for teammates to get along with.

Make it a goal to go to practice with a teachable attitude, a never quit work ethic and a willingness to learn. To be the best version of yourself, train eager to learn, challenge your bad habits and strive to do your best in your performance, behavior, attitude and actions.

A player who desires to improve is humble and acknowledges he/she needs to grow and improve. Choose to trust your coach and teammates. Each practice is a learning opportunity.If you make the most of each practice working hard to get better and make your team better, you will be set to have the best season yet!

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