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How Can I Help?

Four simple words followed by action caught my attention.  One of the quieter students in my class would show up early and ask, how can I help?  It was typically said in chorus with joining me to erase the board or move chairs. He didn't just ask...he did it!

Most of my courses involved setting up equipment and/or rearranging the classroom, so this not only made an impression on me but was welcomed help! 

He stood out from the rest of the students by his generous acts of kindness, his ability to see beyond his own needs and to tangibly ease my load. His intentionality of prioritizing and putting other’s first was a gift not easily forgotten.  Let’s just say he not only received my gratitude, he reserved a special place in my heart!

I believe we all would like to help others but it takes a concerted effort to slow down and look around to see how we can lend a hand.  A generous spirit starts with noticing the needs of others.  “How can I help,” means you stopped what you were doing to notice, took the time and the effort to act.

Have you become too pre-occupied with your own needs that you haven’t been able to say, how can I help? 

Being a great teammate starts with serving those around you. Let’s start making it a habit, one day at a time, to pay attention to those around us, to notice who could use a hand and then take the time and effort to ease their load.  It will make a big difference to them and a huge difference to you...well worth your time and effort!

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