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The Sadness, Gladness and Madness of March

Don’t you just love this time of the year?  The excitement of March Madness for the ballers, spring training and the long awaited changing the clocks forward to enjoy more daylight!

With the thrill of the NCAA finals around the corner, the reality is that some well-deserving teams will not play well and other teams will live out their Cinderella stories.  It’s one of the reasons we love sport…victory is up for grabs on any given day. 

I watched one of my favorite teams battle in double over-time.  Unfortunately, the opponents won and my team, coaches and fans were devastated.  While winning the conference is no longer a reality for them, the NCAA tourney is in a couple of weeks and everyone starts at

0-0.  It’s not over until it’s over!

This morning I was reading the comments people were making on social media about the game and I was sad and mad to read unfair and mean criticism of the coach and players.

“Give honor to whom honor is due, when it is in your power to do it,”  is one of my all-time favorite mantras. While it is so easy to be critical, it should be equally as easy and right to give honor. 

Honor the game…there is always going to be a winner and a loser in any given contest.  Honor the players…there are always going to be unbelievable plays to cheer and on the flip side some unbelievable air balls and ridiculously stupid plays.  Honor the officials…who are doing their best to call a fair game.  To be honest, while officiating from the couch, I’ve made some good calls and I’ve made just as many bad calls... all in the biased attempt for my team to win!

We all yield power.  Power to honor and dishonor.  Let’s choose to give honor and also choose not to dishonor.  Let’s work on holding back on dishonoring the sportspeople who are doing their best to compete and win.  It’s our privilege and responsibility to honor the games we hold so dear.

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