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The joy of word for word, page by page, play by play!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Each chapter of a great novel ends with captivating yet unresolved tension. Page after page holds the reader in rapt attention. Similarly, the intrigue of a great competition lies in the suspense of not knowing its outcome...shot by shot, quarter by quarter, time out to time out.

I’ve often read an enthralling book slowly simply because I didn’t want it to end. I love the experience of pure joy of well-placed words or delectable descriptions that held my imagination and heart captive.

I’ve also experienced pure joy in in the sound of a bat squaring up a fastball or the sight of a perfectly placed pass on the soccer pitch, or the agile beauty of the transition of offense to defense.

Just like a good book shouldn’t be judged only by its last few pages, a well-played athletic contest shouldn’t be evaluated simply on the outcome. Savoring the mysterious plot of an exciting sporting event is sheer unmatched delight.

Join wired4sport promoting and cheering for each storyline, protagonist, play, effort... as the joy of competition unfolds! Embrace the tensions. Applaud all the players, coaches and officials whose efforts animate and bring life to the wonderful stories of sport!

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