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The 3 Cs of Getting Recruited

  1. Consistent: The biggest key to recruiting is consistency of communication. Sending a bi-weekly or monthly update on your current season is something very helpful you can do for coaches. Not to mention, responding to every communication over text within 72 hours is a great goal to strive for. With email, responding within 10 days depending on the urgency of the message. 

  2. Communicative: In your recruiting, tell your story and communicate what is going on in your sport, team, etc. The easier you make it for coaches to find your personal and team updates, stats and highlights the more likely you are to be recruited. There is so much information these days it’s very helpful when players put the information right in front of the coaches. You can do this in a way that is informative, thoughtful, and humble. 

  3. Conscientious: Be thoughtful, respectful and honest in your responses to coaches. You can say a lot in a few words. Make sure you are careful about what you communicate, but also HOW you communicate. Using “Dear Coach” instead of “Hey Coach,” and signing emails with “Respectfully” or “Sincerely” is best practice. Stear clear of sharing negative commentary on coaches, teammates, and programs. Be grateful for the time and energy others put into communicating with you. Be honest in all you say.

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