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Satellite Gaming Annual Community Event

On April 26th, Satellite Gaming hosted our annual community event. Hundreds of students and families gathered for video game tournaments, carnival games, family workshops, and more all centered around using video games to build community and to celebrate students. I thought this would be a cool opportunity to share some of the photos from the event and hopefully give a little bit of insight into what running video game events looks like for us at Satellite Gaming. If running a video game event sounds interesting to you, make sure to check out our upcoming training on that very topic!

This is the judge of our Minecraft tournament Matthew Fairbairn double checking the systems to make sure they are ready for students before the event. Our Minecraft events are like art contests where students are given a prompt and one hour to build something fun and creative in line with that prompt.

This is our registration table where students check in and get directed to their tournaments. We love this because it gives us a way to make sure that the first faces these students see as they walk in are friendly and welcoming.

This is a moment from our opening ceremony where we are welcoming students and giving them a rundown of how the event would operate and get students excited about competing. You may also notice that our emcee in this photo is being blocked by a boom tube. They’re noise makers that students use to cheer and celebrate while spectating the various games.

Carnival games are one of my personal favorite aspects of our community events.

This photo shows a student participating in “Coach Doug’s Freethrow Showdown.” In which, Coach Doug (my real world father and girl’s basketball coach at Ron Russel Middle School), reads students silly inspirational quotes while they shoot baskets.

Here is another one of our wonderful volunteers in costume to run a carnival game called a Trip to Grandmon’s House where students play a Pokemon guessing game with clues provided by grandmothers.

Meanwhile in our Family Lounge, I was hanging out with families and getting ready to share the Five Things You Need to Know so Video Games Don’t Ruin Your Kids training (which is also available on Pathwright!)

Here is a glimpse into the Fortnite arena. We had four dozen systems set up with all of our Fortnite players competing in a single game to compete to be the last gamer standing.

This pair of brothers made it to the grand finale of our Smash Bros tournament, making their way through the entire bracket to face each other on the grand stage.

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