A Different Kind of Huddle
A Different Kind of Huddle
Wed Oct 28 01:25:00 EDT 2009 | by Sam Lee
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Last week, I was invited by one of our team's football players to join in their huddle.  It was not the typical huddle on a field in full sports gear with sweaty athletes.  Rather, it was a lunchtime "huddle" gathering in a classroom with five of our high school male American football players, a female softball player, a teacher, a pastor, and myself - the high school's athletic health care trainer.   The player that invited me had hunted down a few of his teammates (as well as his sister - the softball player) and we had met together over a lunch "huddle" as he shared a short devotional encouraging all of us.  It was neat to see these young men (and young woman) for the first time in a setting that was not an athletic field, court, or health care training room.  Of course, there was the typical high school small-talk banter about how their favorite sports teams did during the previous weekend; and the football boys seemed to be ever-hungry even after eating their own lunches ("Say, are you going to eat that?  Can I have some?").  Yet, there was something special about sitting next to Lafaele, Fa'asea, Hendrick, Tau, Pastor Elie, Ms. Kimura, Kekoa, and Teroa.  There was a feeling of being encouraged by others who share the same "uniform" - ones who share something more than just the game or just being part of a sports team.  As we ended our time together, we were asked to share any prayer requests....a strong statement of caring for the needs of one another.  So to Lafaele, thanks for inviting me to the huddle.  Thanks for allowing me to share in wearing the same uniform as others in the huddle - the uniform of faith, hope, and love.  Though I couldn't make it this week because of a class I had to teach, I look forward to coming back - if you'll let me join in your "huddle" again.