Most Valuable Parents!
Most Valuable Parents!
Mon Feb 04 01:30:00 EST 2013 | by Cheryl Baird
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Watching Super Bowl 47 tonight I kept thinking how the co-MVP’s of this game should be Jackie and Jack Harbaugh!  Maybe they should change the award to “Most Valuable Parents!”

I love the plethora of stories coming out of this highly competitive family.  Sons John & Jim spent their childhood trying to win everything from baseball to dominoes.  There was no 2nd place in this family, and the boys were competing from the time they could walk.   What a tribute to Jack that they both decided to follow his footsteps into the demanding profession of coaching football and ended up in the Super Bowl tonight on opposite sides, going for the most coveted ring in their sport.  


I loved Jackie’s response to the interview question about her super bowl outfit and location of her seats at the biggest game of their lives.  “I’ll be wearing neutral & I don’t know where I’m sitting” she stated definitively.  I got the feeling she was just a bit annoyed at the question and would have rather talked about the intricacies of the blocking schemes.


Recently, in a family interview, Jackie talked about the success of her sons.

“I’d like to say that I think that they took from Jack by watching how he conducted himself; they learned to be who they are in coaching. Not feeling they had to imitate any other coach that they were ever around. They are who they are as individuals and that’s the way Jack was when he coached.”


One look at her son Jim wearing a Sharpie pen on a lanyard around his neck tells me he does not care what people think.  I’m sure that pen makes his Mom quite proud and I’m guessing somewhere along the line he learned that quirky little trick from his Dad. 


Congratulations to this family for setting the bar high in family coaching legacies!  May there be many more Sharpie pens at the Super Bowl for years to come.