Fighting for Jack!
Fighting for Jack!
Mon Jan 21 01:30:00 EST 2013 | by Cheryl Baird
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Jack Pribaz is a beautiful 3 year old struggling with a disorder related to Epilepsy called KCNQ2.  Jack’s dad Mike is an assistant basketball coach for our local high school girl’s team.  Last week the North and South teams from our town played each other in their annual conference game.  Both teams came into the game 6-0 in conference so the game was crucial but the cause was even more important. 

There was hardly a dry eye in the gym when the girls from both schools came out wearing warm ups with Jack’s name on them.  Everyone seemed to realize something much bigger than a game was happening.

Jack’s Army is a foundation started last year with the purpose of funding research into KCNQ2.    Girl’s games don’t tend to draw a crowd in our area but the gym was packed last Saturday.  The girls played their hearts out, money was raised, awareness was heightened and the family felt loved and supported.

I’m proud of my community, I’m proud of the teams and coaches and administrators who are taking on this cause as their own.  With so many negative stories in sports these days it is refreshing when athletes look beyond themselves and work for a cause.

We love you Jack and you have an “Army” fighting with you!