March Madness
March Madness
Sun Mar 03 01:30:00 EST 2013 | by Debbie Haliday
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March Madness!  Basketball seasons are wrapping up at every level (except that NBA one).  It is the best of times; it is the worst of times.  It is the time of year for all basketball coaches when we savor every moment and we lay awake at night drawing plays in our heads and searching our minds for ways to help players succeed.  It is tournament time, win or go home.

The games were heart wrenching!  Someone won every one, and someone lost.  Coaches yelled and gestured and knelt and jumped and stomped and called time outs and argued and...oh it is such wonderful madness!  I miss it terribly.

The best part of the high school basketball season ending, though, is that it means college basketball heads into their tournaments.  The whole drama will unfold at an even higher level of play, with higher stakes.  The pressure is palpable.  Lay ups will be missed and balls will be thrown out of bounds and coaches will do all of the same things the high school coaches do.  Then also, as we saw at the arena, great plays will be made, clutch shots will fall and free throws will swish and defenses will rise up for stops.  And some will win; and some will lose.

It is March Madness and it is a beautiful story waiting to happen! Each team's season is a novel  full of plot twists and conflict and ups and downs, love and hate, dreams and nightmares.  The love coaches have for their players will be tested, and vice versa.  Hopefully all will walk away with heads high and hearts thankful.  After all, we always have next season!