Loving a Difficult Teammate
Loving a Difficult Teammate
Mon Jan 28 01:25:00 EST 2013 | by Clancey Adams
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The world would be a wonderful place if everyone got along. I know that I would love it if no one ever got on my nerves but, alas, that is simply not the case. There are some people in this world that one just will not mesh well with, and that is completely natural. But, what happens when that person is a teammate?

             I am no stranger to this situation, and this has happened to me a few times over my years of athletics.  One girl in particular sticks out in my mind who, in being blunt, flat out got on my nerves. She was not at all a bad person, but we undeniably had clashing personalities and values, and she certainly was not someone I would have chose to spend time with if we had not been on the same team. While this would have been a difficult situation no matter what since we had to spend time together, as a leader, it made it an even trickier position to be in.

             If I was not a leader on the team, I probably would not have worried as much about our lack of common ground. But, since I was a leader and therefore an example to the rest of the team, it was important to make an effort and be a good teammate to her. Therefore, even though it was difficult at times, I made extra effort to get to know her. I would ask her to get lunch, text her good luck when I knew she had a test, and pray for her every night.

  This definitely was not easy, and I am not going to say that I enjoyed doing it, especially at first. However, it unquestionably helped not only my relationship with her, but also my attitude towards her in general. I stopped realizing how much we clashed and instead, focused on caring for her as a teammate. It did not matter how little we had in common off the court because, as teammates, it is important that we had common ground and cared for each other in that way.

 It is not easy to reach out to someone one does not get along with. And I am certainly not saying I did it perfectly. There were countless times when acted poorly towards this teammate by rolling my eyes, snapping at her, or just completely blowing her off. Nonetheless, it is essential to try to get along with all teammates, especially as a leader, for a team that selflessly cares for each other is a team that has success and no regrets.