Knowing How To Win
Knowing How To Win
Mon Mar 04 01:05:00 EST 2013 | by Clancey Adams
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Not many people outside of the world of athletics would think of the word “win” in terms being part of a culture. But that is exactly how athletes, leaders, and coaches all see it, and what we are all trying to attain. A winning culture is a powerful and difficult thing to have, and it is a special experience to be a part of a team where winning is not only desired, but also expected.

            One thing that I have learned from being on both teams with and without winning cultures is that in order to actually be successful, one must first learn how to have success. No matter how talented each individual is on the team, if the players do not know how to win, then the team will not win.

             What exactly does knowing how to win look like? While these types of teams may come in different shapes, sizes, and forms, they all have one thing in common: confidence. They have a look in their eyes that says, “Not only can we win, we will win.” They step on the court with a sense of focus, purpose, and poise no matter the situation or opponent, and they know how to perform at all costs. This is a team that knows how to win.

             This past season, my team did not know how to win. We did not have the experience and confidence to close some games we could have, and we lost some heartbreakers along the way because of this fact. However, in mulling over what was a trying season, I have realized that the best teams not only know how to win, they also have great knowledge of how it feels to lose. They feel the frustration of leaving their hearts on the floor and not getting results. They suffer the extreme disappointment of working as hard as they could and not having positive results to show for it. They have seen loss after loss and throughout these losses have not been broken, but have been sparked on, willing to do whatever it takes to look the losses in the face and declare that enough is enough. It is time to win.

             A winning culture is not built overnight. It is developed and shaped brick by brick, through the sweat and tears of people who care and want to make a change. Success takes heartbreak, and one gains the confidence and knowledge of how to win only through seeing the other side first.