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My earliest memories of competition took place almost daily at the neighborhood playground.  I remember delightedly hanging in mid-air, reaching and grabbing, reaching and grabbing, metal bar after bar, my legs wildly swinging, going from end of the monkey bars to the other. 

The official scorekeeper, my dad, would count out loud how many bars I conquered.  When my arms gave out, I would rest and have him start the count all over again. The set a new world record by going one bar further than the last time.  

As a young child, my competitive drive and spirit was alive and well. There is no doubt in my mind that I am wired4sport.  My need to run, jump, shoot, hit, slide, throw, go one further, have the most points at the end, run one second faster was there from the beginning.  I've had a love affair with sport ever since I can remember.

wired4sport promotes the value of, integrity in and love of sport. The writers for wired4sport are all folks who acknowledge and value that we are designed to play and compete.  Being wired4sport is a vital part of who we are. All of us played sport as children and sport continues to be an important part of our lives.

It's been many years since I competed in the Monkey Bar World Championship but I remember the value of counting each bar correctly.  When the hands would slip and the world champ fell off, the count had to start back to zero.  As a child, the integrity of counting correctly demonstrated my true love and respect for the monkey bar competition. is a community of people who love and respect sport so much we can't help but count correctly, play fairly, and honor the spirit of competition.

The valuable lessons and benefits we gained from sport compel us to tell our stories. We hope our personal narratives will resonate with your experiences and persuade you to share your stories, too.

Feel free to visit often and contribute your memorable moments and perspectives in sport!